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NICKERSON BEACH, PART OF THE COUNTY PARK SYSTEM SINCE 1967, has undergone an extensive multimillion-dollar renovation that has transformed it into one of the most desirable locations along the ocean, cited by Newsday in 2009 as “Perfect for a family looking to let off a little summer steam, this has everything a kid, or a kid at heart, could want on a warm day.”
The renovation work has included construction of a beautiful family "Fun Zone" with a skate park, colorful basketball courts with fiberglass backboards, and a state-of-the-art playground that incorporates special attractions such as climbing apparatus and puzzles. The Fun Zone provides a seamless area that can accommodate children in a broad age range, so that moms and dads can watch a youngster in the playground while an older child goes to the nearby basketball court or skating park. In addition to the creation of the Fun Zone, other improvements included renovation of the popular cabana areas, new benches and grills, a new baseball field and repaved parking areas. In 2008, nine new beach volleyball courts were added for leagues and individuals, with two adjacent picnic areas.
The park also offers all-terrain wheelchairs for the disabled, available by reservation.
The park includes areas by the beach that are cordoned off to protect nesting areas for the Piping Plover, a sparrow-sized shorebird that is protected by federal law. **

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