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***The gardens, on the grounds of the company’s headquarters in Westchester County, feature 45 sculptures by some of the best-known artists of the 20th century, and admission and parking are free. The grounds themselves are 168 acres of green lawns, trees, ponds, fountains, and landscaped gardens with a topiary, well-tended hedges, flower beds and water-lily ponds. Sculptures Mr. Kendall himself selected are strategically placed along this colorful backdrop. It’s a setting that might easily tempt employees to spend a weekend at the office. Dilbert, one suspects, would be astonished.The gardens’ visitors center is a good place to start a tour. (From November to March, when the center is closed, but not the gardens, you can get a map from the security guard at the headquarters entrance.)***Location: Donald M. Kendal Sculpture Garden

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