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****Photographing eagles at Conowingo Dam along the Susquehanna River in Maryland, has to be one of the most thrilling experiences of a photographer’s life. At least it is, if the eagles are there! There are no guarantees that they will show up in big numbers, or that they will be active for more than a few minutes every hour or two, but when conditions are right, the sound of thousands of camera shutters going off continuously can really raise one’s adrenaline! From early November to the end of December is the best time to go. When power is needed, the hydroelectric plant releases water along with fish and eels which get churned up and spit out at the base of the dam. Some are stunned and lay near the surface which makes for easy pickin’s for the eagles, cormorants, and Great Blue Herons. Hundreds of Rock doves, Black Vultures, and Gulls are usually present also, along with a Peregrine Falcon or some other raptor that makes a brief appearance. When water is released, an alarm sounds and the level of the river rises. Fishermen and photographers who choose to be at the water’s edge can quickly find themselves getting wet feet. It’s a great spot for getting close to your subject though, when an eagle hits the water and comes up with a huge fish!****

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