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***The 74-room tudor revival mansion sitting on a 118-acres was built in 1916 by industrialist J.E. Aldred.

After he went bankrupt in 1942, Ormston (the name of the estate at the time) was taken over by an order of Basilian monks. They have lived there ever since.

Built for John Aldred{public-utilities magnate} c.1913-1918 dark grey fieldstone Tudor by Bertram Goodhue{Fort Hill}. Landscaping by Olmsted on 117 acres. 74-rooms with 2 gatehouses, stable and farm complex. Along with neighbor William Guthrie{Meudon} Aldred purchased and then razed half of Lattington "to get the view we wanted"! Listed on The National Register of Historic Places, is now Saint Josaphat's Monastery.

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